Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu

: Product Guy, Engineer, Technologist, Author & Blogger :

I am humbled that you landed here for some reason. Thank you!

In the last 16 years, I have created many products from concept to mature stage. I am addicted to the fun in creating products from scratch - defining the problem, solution, customer and pricing. Ultimately, I enjoy the product and customer success. I have been an engineering leader for about 8 years before I got into Product Management leadership role. I worked in startups and enterprises equally in my career and enjoy navigating through challenges to get things done.

In the recent years with Oracle, I have taken an active role in bringing the Cloud products with Mobile and Social focus to the market. Many industries have underestimated the mobile and social impact on the users and I love to bridge that gap. I am fortunate to get this opportunity to impact thousands of customers with great mobile Apps that improve productivity and reach to places never imagined before. I worked in several industries such as Automotive, Utilities, Internet Technology and Engineering & Construction. I am a generalist than a specialist.

I ran a startup for a short time and learned a great deal on what and what-not to do. Ever since then, I kept creating products that end users love. I truly appreciate the unison of the teams that work to produce a master piece of software solution.

I love writing blogs, tutorials, product reviews and spending time online to learn new things. I am always interested to learn more from folk who bump into my journey.

I am always looking to build new products that change the world in the areas intersecting IOT, mobile, social, healthcare and education. If you like to have a great chat about building products or work together in future, please do feel free to contact me.

Work hard; Work smart; Make a difference; Have fun!

Last Updated : May 2016

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