Germany-Stuttgart : A life time experience

In the initial stages of my career i was working for Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany. I was deputed to germany for almost 3.5 years. As Bosch’s head quarters is in Stuttgart, i had to stay here for all the while. This place has a decent amount of indian colleagues with some Indian and Srilankan restaurants. People who used to come on short term assignments stay at Hotel Domino, Stammheim; Hotel Feuerbach im Biburturm, Feuerbach; and so many other places. Every one used to prefer Hotel Domino as its near to Bosch in Feuerbach.

I was initially staying in the Hotel Domino for a long time and then i moved to an apartment in Nier Steiner Strasse, Gerlingen. Most of us were kind of bachelors and used to really have a radical time 🙂 . Tipical life is to get up around 7.00am in the morning and smoke, smoke, smoke, no breakfast, go to office by 9.00am, ….start work…smoke, lunch, back to work, back to home by 6.00pm and then got to jogging, dinner, pep-talk with your friends. Honestly for vegitarians, it is a hell there. But still better than USA. A lot better. Atleast you get boiled potatoes, zuchini, carrots or brokkali.

There used to be the Rosen Stein Park near Haupt Bahn Hauf and it used to be really lively and we (myself and Ramakanth) used to go for cycling. You cycle for around 2-3 hours and you feel so nice. Especially there is a beer hub in this park. We used to have a beer and used to peddle back.

There used to be a Fern Zenturm(TV Tower) and it is really nice. It used to be around 200 meters in height and by the time we go up you want to have a coffee or some hot drinks. The view if Stuttgart we get from there is awesome. We used to take trams and go there in the evenings.

Who can forget the Mercedes Benz museum. Wow its a master piece of its own. If you go in, it will take minimum of 2 hours to see all the car models. The kind of key-chains, sovereigns you get there are really cool.

Daimler Benz Stadium is a place of its own to hang out… the foot ball matches that happen there are a worth remember. The kind of cheering that goes on, beer cans smell, the crowd, the music, etc… are worth a million.

The local wine that you get there is really awesome. I gor got some of the names….but Trollinger, Lemberger are some. Neat feuerbach we used to be regular visitors of Wichtel. Its a beer place and nice pizzaaaaaaasssss…. Anyone would have to visit this place.

In the end i would like to goback to Stuttgart for a vacation. Right now i am married and my wife does not speak German. So its better for me to stick to English speaking countries 🙂

4 thoughts on “Germany-Stuttgart : A life time experience

  1. Radhesh

    Hi.. Mercedez Benz museum is a must watch in Stuttgart. The architecture of the building itself is a treat to watch 🙂 Living in stuttgart is a different experience altogether. What i liked most was the greenery and the silence 🙂

  2. sri

    Gud one..Left with a nice feeling reading it…
    Even I felt the same after my visit to US…
    Germany has got its unique attractions, the style, the culture, the transport, the people, especially their helping nature, and lots more to say…
    only drawback is LANGUAGE(till u learn it),food for veggies,and climate compared to India…
    Iam Happy living has been already 5yrs…
    Would definitely miss this place when I leave..


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