Why take the time and pain to blog?

I started blogging about year 2006 and since then I take time to express my ideas, opinions and reviews in this blog and ultimately enjoy the experience. In 7+ years of my blogging experience, I learned several cultural, writing, technological and emotional aspects of blogging.

All blogs on internet are subjected to random viewers (strangers) looking at the content and reviewing it very critically. They probably do not care that you posted the content out of your passion and you spend time to create that content.

The beauty of the internet is you consume and contribute (mostly for free).

A different dimension of blogging is that it provides a way to structure my thoughts, express them to wider audience and in the worse case it is my journal.

Each blog on an average takes about 30-45 minutes of my time to structure the thoughts and then self-review the content and post. That’s a lot of my personal time per blog. While I love to contribute to the world with the little i know, I am also deeply saddened when people copy the content and don’t attribute the material. Recently my friend brought to my attention 2 different blogs that took the content and just changed the names. While I have no problem in people using my content, it dot not sound right to treat my content as YOUR content 🙁


My request to everyone on the internet is “You can Copy but do Not Paste”! Content creators take enormous about of time to create the original thoughts, reviews and ideas. Copying them and using them as a owner is “not fair” (as my daughter says).

I love blogging and I will continue to do this. Most bloggers don’t do it for money, they do it because they love it.

Please be respectful and be responsible.

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