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Suck-y Customer Support from ICICI Lombard

This is the chat transcript that i am attaching from a recent conversation from a support guy for ICICI Lombard Insurance. More than the guy i was chatting with i was more furious with the process. How insane is it to say that you need to go to the “Nearest ICICI Lombard” branch. And this guy seems to respond every 10 minutes as he might be connected to other 1000’s of FURIOUS customers like me.

Whats the point in having the customer support that can not help. I dont care weather i have taken the policy Online, via Agent or what so other #%&*(. All i need is to “Get my job done“. Am i asking for more ??????????

The following is a record of your online chat.
General Info
Chat start time May 16, 2008 10:26:26 AM EST
Chat end time May 16, 2008 10:50:32 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:24:06
Operator Rahul
Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘Rahul’
Rahul: Good Evening
Rahul: you have reached ICICI Lombard 24×7,
Rahul: how can I help you?
SureshKrishna: HI Rahul.
SureshKrishna: I am chatting from California. My parents are here for a visit.
Rahul: ok
SureshKrishna: They had the Lobard insurance till May 12th and i would like to renew it.
Rahul: Sure
SureshKrishna: for 2 more months.
Rahul: Certainly i will assist you with the same.
Rahul: Please help me with your policy number.
SureshKrishna: Thanks.
SureshKrishna: XXXX/XXXXXXX/XX/XXX <Father’s Name>
Rahul: Was the policy bought online through our website?
SureshKrishna: XXXX/XXXXXXX/XX/XXX <Mother’s Name>
SureshKrishna: i dont think so. It was done via travel agents i guess.
Rahul: online chat we only have the details of the policies which have been bought through our website
SureshKrishna: can you let me know the best way to renew this policy ?
Rahul: you may visit the nearest ICICI Lombard branch and they will assist you further
SureshKrishna: As i said…i am not sure if there is any ICICI branch in Califronia.
SureshKrishna: Is there any kind of US toll free number that i can call and renew this.
Rahul: Sorry but you have to visit Branch for the renewal

SureshKrishna: Comeon dude….i am saying that i am in California !!!

Rahul: You have any relatives in India they can visit
SureshKrishna: Please give me tollfree number ! I am asking for the best way to do it.
SureshKrishna: Is there no Toll Free Number in US ?
Rahul: Yes
Rahul: 1 866 978 6447
SureshKrishna: no one is picking up this phone number !!!
SureshKrishna: i tried this number.
Rahul: Please try once again.
SureshKrishna: I have tried 5 times in the past 1 hour.
SureshKrishna: let me know if you want to respond ?????
Rahul: yes
SureshKrishna: Any other number that WORKS ?
Rahul: kindly send an email to customersupport@icicilombard.com and they will revert back to you within 48 working hours.
SureshKrishna: So at this time you do not know how to deal with this ?
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sharp.krishna@yahoo.com at the end of your chat.