Honeymoon with iPhone 4S is over!

From iPhone 3GS it was a natural upgrade for me to 4S. I was so happy to be getting the 4S mainly because of the camera and #Siri. But not anymore.

  1. Battery drains too quick. I keep it charging the whole night and when i take it to office the next day morning, it lasts only till 3.00pm to 5.00pm. Yeah.. yeah.. i did remove the location based services and all.
  2. iOS 5 hangs frequently. Unfortunately this is the least I would expect from #Apple’s software.
  3. When you are on a call and then you open Camera, my phone almost always goes into “dead” mode. The only way it comes back is when all the batter is drained. Till that time I can not even force restart. None of the buttons work.
  4. At times I see funny scroll of numbers on the event notifications. I attached my company outlook to my 4S and during certain situations, the time on the event notification message just rolls randomly.
  5. I was very exited about Siri initially but not anymore. Especially, for my Indian-English accent, Siri is not the best voice recognition software that i would rely on. Instead, when i use my wife’s #Samsung #Galaxy S 2, I thought #GoogleVoice has a better capability than Siri.

May be i should have got the Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 ? I am still confused.

One thought on “Honeymoon with iPhone 4S is over!

  1. JNet soln

    Interesting. My iPhone 4s doesn’t cause any problems. Battery lasts 9hrs or more and has lasted longer on occasion. I only charge for about 1 to 1.5hrs (until the battery is charged). I was told its not good to charge overnight daily and to do so once a month.
    IOS 5 has worked well for me also no real problems. I must be one of the fortunate ones. Even on my 1st generation iPad I have not noticed any slowing with the new operating system.


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