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Family Friend 101 : All that matters is Family!

We have been closely watching and observing many families and friends. Very often we feel as though the world is filled with problems (of course, which is not true). We always had a keen eye on these problems, because we felt they could be solved (or at least an attempt) with some attitude change or by open communication or by proper education or by setting values and standards.

Ok, here is what we have seen. All the following are in the connotation of Indian Marriage and Family System. Many of these victims are living in India and abroad.
  1. Domestic Violence
    • Women are the victims
    • Women treated as commodities rather than human beings
    • Husband applies his corporate strategies on wife
    • Increase in the verbal abuse of women at home
    • No value for the Marriage System
    • Influence of western ideas on Marriage and Family System
    • No support system for women when they live abroad (or away from parents)
  2. Family System
    • Daughter-in-laws hate mother-in-laws
    • Mother-in-laws hate daughter-in-laws
    • Daughter-in-laws don’t like sister-in-laws
    • Sister-in-laws don’t like Daughter-in-laws
    • Once they get married, “some women” think husband as personal property
    • Husbands don’t interact with girl’s family
    • Family members don’t mix as they think “we think differently”
    • Old age parents are undergoing distress and restraining from life
  3. Marriage System (some husbands say…)
    • I love my wife not because of marriage but because she is a manager in reputed company
    • Just by getting married, you wont develop love on wife
    • Giving food, clothing and basic necessities for Wife and Children is a burden
    • My wife needs to prove me that she is of substance before i love her
    • You pay your phone bill and i pay mine
    • You go in your car and i go in my car
    • Your kids and My kids are playing with Our kids
    • I am the one who is earning and you have to listen to me
    • If you can’t listen to me, get out of my home
    • Because you are not earning, you have to listen to me
  4. and the list goes on and on…
That said, we are starting this BLOG and FACEBOOK to write storyboards on some of the stories that we know of. As a third person, we would like to give few suggestions and also see what other valued and experienced people have to say. We dont want to be bias and we dont want to be oriented.

Why Storyboarding :

We want to write the “REAL LIFE” stories in an “anonymous” tone so that people read the stories and know
  • How to combat a particular situation
  • What others say about a situation
  • Empathize with others
We believe this would help others to understand that they are not alone. We are also talking to few lawyers and see if there is some legal advise they can offer for this “CAUSE”. Many times it is very helpful to know the legal rights to boost confidence in others.

Your contribution:

We don’t have a future without your support. This is the truth :). We need your contributions of stories from your family and friends. The only thing that we need is to follow some rules on posting. Please help your fellow human being

What are the rules:

Following is what we believe in and follow.
  • All posts are strictly anonymous. We are sure that you dont want to be called by your names in the stories. So, please apply to others too.
  • Posts do not contain names and specific places. You can mention Country names.
  • All the Suggestions and Advise MUST reflect the Indian Family and Marriage Values. They should elicit the values but not degrade them.
  • Any posts and comments that degrade the values will be ruthlessly deleted.
  • For the sake of anonymity we have enabled the anonymous comments in blogspot.

So, what’s the future:

We want to work with someone who is Human Activist or Domestic Violence Activist or a strong supporter of Indian Family System. As we grow, we are ready to work with some social organizations and provide help for the needy. We want to provide the Moral Support and Confidence about their lives.

What should you do:

Please go to Blogspot/Facebook and start reading and spreading the word. Each and every blog can be forwarded from blogger to friends that you think would be interested in.
There are already couple of stories that may interest you. Please read, suggest your opinions and spread the news.