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Carmel-By-The-Sea on Route 1, CA

On October 13th we have started to see few places on Route 1 and to stay overnight there in Monterey. We stay in Fremont and its only 90 miles away from Monterey. After few weeks of time, we wanted to go out and have a great time with the California beaches. Monterey is the place we are visiting for the 3rd time and its worth many visits.


Carmel-By-The-Sea is a small city along the coast. A small left turn onto the Ocean View Ave from Route 1 after the Monterey takes you to this wonderful small city. The life here resembles me of the small villages in Germany and Swiss and i always love that kind of life style. Everyone is relaxed, lots of food, wine, shopping and a great ocean view. Wow, i can spend few days just enjoying the shopping and walking in the small streets. The best thing is to go along the Ocean View and at the end of it, you can actually park the car and there you are…. you can see the ocean and if you have a nice book to read…you have made your day. And of course its definitely a romantic place for young couples like me and my wife.


17 Mile drive a another great drive which takes almost around half day. It totally has around 21 scenic spots and each and every spot accounts for your memories. Some of them i remember are Cyprus Point, Ghost tree. Another amazing thing on this drive are the private mansions / houses of filthy rich people. Even you can see some of the private golf courses. The greenery that you see all along the 17 mile drive is fantastic. You can imagine the ocean on right side and golf on the left side.

CarmelByTheSea  We  Bird Rock  Ghost Tree

And finally Ghosts are very famous in both Carmel-By-The-Sea and in Monterey. Each shop that you visit has hundreds of books on ghosts and their stories. Somehow we did not even dare to visit some of the haunted houses near to Monterey.

Overall it was a great and memorable experience and i recommend everyone to visit when you get a chance.