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Social Responsibility in the Telugu Movie Industry

I have to write this in “reaction” to a movie release review that i saw in “Telugu Maa TV”. There is a new movie that is getting release shortly by name “9th class“. I have no idea if this would be a sequel to the “10th Class” movie. The story like goes between two “KIDS” in the school and they falling in so called “LOVE”.

What are all these Directors and Producers taking the people to ? What “message” do they want to spread across the people ? Once kids watch these movies they inherently have a kind of “Cool” feeling that it is normal to fall in love at that age and it is OK. Producers/Directors/Script Writers may say that they are only showing whats happening in some cities/towns. But by making a “small” incident a movie, we are basically trying to “Publicize” this event and unfortunately movies are “Colorful and Cool”. Unfortunately real life is no way near to what they show in movies. Kids don’t have the discretion power to know what is right and what is wrong, they only care about what is “Cool”.

In the last few years all the movies have a famous dialog “Lepukupota” by Hero. A trend has started that it is Heroism to oppose parents and flee to other places, get married. Everyone has their own reason and movies portray this as a big thing. Unconsciously movies are dragging adults/kids away from their natural lives and are creating a false pride and false confidence.

If you feel these kind of movies should be avoided, please do a negative publicity about these movies. Ask your friends and family not to watch them and spread this word. Discourage your kids to watch these kind of movies. What you think as “cool nice family entertainment movie is going to form a NEGATIVE impression in your kids mind”.

P.S. Of course, parents themselves should have some values before they talk to their kids about this.