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Arya2 movie with wrong messages!

I just watched the movie today! I have been a great fan of Allu Arjun and his story line. This movie Arya2 came to me as a disappointment. Allu’s movies are always a great joy to watch and they have lot of hidden fun. Following are the impressions i got.

  • This character of Allu Arjun gave me an impression of Psycho or Mentally Disturbed person in the Society.
  • This movie rather acts as a good advertisement for Cigarettes. I particularly did not like this as we all are struggling to eradicate smoking and this guy makes one of the main theme as Cigarette.
  • Our society has a great respect for Marriage. This movie made marriage as a “Fun/Humorous” stuff. What non-sense is this getting married and then saying that i married for my Friend ?
  • What stupidity is the wife exchange program ? We have seen many films in Telugu and Hindi which are Triangular. But none of them are about exchange after marriage. At least , we don’t want to promote this in Movies.
  • Overacting by Allu Arjun or Perhaps bad Screen play. I am not sure about this. But there are several scenes where the dialogs should have been cut short or modified.
  • What does Director want to project when Arya2 takes sleeping tables towards the end of the story. Is there any sort of ethical self-examination done by the director/script writer ?

In the end, this movie just projects Allu Arjun as a COMPLETE Psycho and mentally imbalanced person and does not ever project the friendship and romantic part. I am sure, no one wants such a FRIENDSHIP and such a LOVER.