Reno – The Biggest Little City in the World

Probably a 1 day trip if you are living closer to it (around 100 miles) or a 2 day trip from bay area in CA. I would not say it as a MUST visit, but a time-pass place. We started from Sacramento on a saturday afternoon and it took around 2 hours to reach Reno. Its in Nevada and the road was really cool. Its a ride on the small hills and nice scenarios to enjoy. On the way is the Lake Tahoe (very famous for Bay-Area SW Engineers :)), but we did not visit it anyway due to tome constraints. 

There are quite a number of casinos in Reno. But honestly they are all placed apart. Its difficult to have a look at them in a single shot. Of course i am comparing it to Atlantic City in East Coast. That was more organised and more colorful than Reno. At this point of time i am not comparing anything to Vegas 🙂 . 

It was a good trip definitely worth remembering. Visit it if you are some where near to this place. 

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