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As a Product Guy and Technologist, I keep meeting lot of people at conferences, meetups, train stations and on hikes. It’s pretty fun when I meet like minded people and the ideas that ignite the next conversation or to hangout with a cup of coffee. Many times it becomes overwhelming to keep up with all the people that I meet.

All this while, I had hoped for a little tool that makes my life easier and helps me get in touch with my contacts with some intelligence. The problem is two fold. First, I need to get the right contact information when i meet someone with my horrible handwriting or I don’t often have the pen and paper to share my contact. I have lost so many contacts because i wrote a wrong email address or  wrong phone number. Second, I need to store the contacts in an easy-to-retrieve place and organize them the right way. Clearly, I want to make sure that different categories of contacts are grouped together. e.g. I don’t want to share my social profile unless I know that person for a good time. or I don’t want to share my birthday unless he is a close friend.

Quickonnect is the answer to alleviate the contact and collaboration pains. Quickonnect is an easy-to-use mobile focused App that gives you the power of simple Contact Management. It’s as simple as Open the App -> Select the Profile -> Share.  Yes, its that simple 1-2-3 seconds for electronic contact to be on your mobile. You can review and choose the contact to be in a specific group that you want. I have used this App for a while and see a great potential as a contact management App. As a technologist, QR Code usage was super cool. Your profile is built into the QR Codes.

As per the latest KPCB analysis, there are 3 billion people in this world who are on internet and 2.5 billion people have smart phones. Doesn’t it look like a great global opportunity to maintain your contacts on your smart phone? 🙂

Download the App and try it out.

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