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Quickonnect – a handy personal assistant

As a Product Guy and Technologist, I keep meeting lot of people at conferences, meetups, train stations and on hikes. It’s pretty fun when I meet like minded people and the ideas that ignite the next conversation or to hangout … Continue reading

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Enterprise Mobility Bytes #4 : So.. you decided to have a mobile app. What now ?

From my own experience and talking to many product managers who are taking care of launching a new mobile application for enterprise applications, it is very clear that the “usecase” definition early on in very valuable and makes a huge … Continue reading

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LEAP Motion – my final comments

I am one of those early adopters who was very excited about the LEAP Motion technology and the potential. I started playing with LEAP on August 14th 2013 and finally i returned the device today. LEAP Motion is a good … Continue reading

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Startups in India – a report

A country’s culture and background (a predictor of course) pretty much decides the direction of the growth in this modern world. India is a risk-averse country and people are not ready to take risks. The younger generation is coming out … Continue reading

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Powerpoint Presentation Tips

Presentations can be very easy or very challenging based on the speaker, audience and the topic. Though there is no math formula to make a presentation to stand out, there are few tips that would surely help you. Introduce the … Continue reading

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Can Skype change your life?

Well.. not exactly. Till now, video calling has been a luxury and expensive act that remained with in the corporate walls or riches. What Skype did is to bring this luxury to common man and small businesses. Yeah… you may … Continue reading

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Google : A company that transformed everyday life.

I would not have written this blog in the year 2000 and by now i am highly opiniated towards Google, of course in a good way. During my graduation years (1996-2000), i highly used Rediff and Yahoo search for my … Continue reading

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2008 Year Roundup

The year 2008 has come to an end and i am excited to look into the New Year with a review of the year 2008. This has been a mixed bag starting with loosing my back pack in New York, … Continue reading

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