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LEAP Motion – my final comments

I am one of those early adopters who was very excited about the LEAP Motion technology and the potential. I started playing with LEAP on August 14th 2013 and finally i returned the device today. LEAP Motion is a good … Continue reading

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LEAP Motion – Interesting HCI paradigm

OK, finally i was able to play with my new Leap Motion . Pretty cool technology that detects your hand motion and transfer it to your computer screen. Some notes on Day 1: * Setup is freaking simple! Plug it in, install … Continue reading

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Google TV – Logitech Revue Review

I am a huge believer that the way we consume the video is going to change. And its not far off. Google TV made a bold step to bring the online video content to the TV. The Google TV platform … Continue reading

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At what level do you use eclipse ?

 Eclipse the ubiquitous platform has survived another challenge by releasing the Europa and i am already seeing the # of downloads. Initially it was Java IDE then RCP Platform then Tool Building Platform and now as i know its an … Continue reading

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