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Be mindful of types of people and behavior in your life!

People are people! We deal with variety of people in our community, work place, family, friends and many other random places. While we know some people close enough to get around the unpleasant nature, with others we get into trouble … Continue reading

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Happy IPO Facebook.

I was probably one of the first to join the Facebook and one of the first ones to join Google+. Orkut was the close product that came close to social network. But soon the Facebook simplicity made me to move … Continue reading

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This is in response to sad and anger provoking incidents happened in India. I pay tribute to all those heroes, who have fought and gave their lives for this country in rescuing many innocent lives in Mumbai. I would not … Continue reading

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Eclipse feature configuration via Links

The number of features and plug-ins available for eclipse are really growing in zillions. Overwhelming part is that many have contributed very good features to open source community. Sourceforge is one of it. Initially when i started i had only … Continue reading

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Multiple timezone clock (in simple html and flash)

For all those who want to have multiple timezones…i have a small program which does the trick. The cool thing is its free and if you are online its great. Thanks to <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>World Calender</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY><HR><div align=”center”> … Continue reading

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