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New Product Development : Lessons learned from Google Glass

On 20th February 2013, I entered Google’s #ifihadglass contest on Google+ “#ifihadglass i would create better family connections across continents and live the moments. Never miss a happy moment in family and friends”. After couple of months Google announced the winners … Continue reading

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Facebook is no more a social network but it is a sentiment!

Facebook is the only social network with 955 million active users and operating in 70 different languages worldwide. Privacy issues did not stop Facebook’s growth. Neither users nor investors see any issues with privacy. Whenever there is a huge outcry … Continue reading

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Happy IPO Facebook.

I was probably one of the first to join the Facebook and one of the first ones to join Google+. Orkut was the close product that came close to social network. But soon the Facebook simplicity made me to move … Continue reading

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Google TV – Logitech Revue Review

I am a huge believer that the way we consume the video is going to change. And its not far off. Google TV made a bold step to bring the online video content to the TV. The Google TV platform … Continue reading

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Google TV – Customer’s Dilemma [Updated]

I am planning to do the below Market Research for my Marketing class. Any takers ? Topic : “Google TV – Customer’s Dilemma” Abstract : Every year $70 billion is spent on the ads alone in US and 4 billion … Continue reading

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A close look at Google Privacy Policy!

For many Google seems to be a very cool Internet company and Google has become synonymous to Internet. For the people who are not in technology/computer industry, it seems to be too hard to believe that Google is more than … Continue reading

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Google Chrome OS : The Next Wave

I was happy to see the news that Google announced the Chrome based OS. Soon after a week of my recent blog on Google and the way it transformed every ones life, i was pretty excited to see this announcement. … Continue reading

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Google : A company that transformed everyday life.

I would not have written this blog in the year 2000 and by now i am highly opiniated towards Google, of course in a good way. During my graduation years (1996-2000), i highly used Rediff and Yahoo search for my … Continue reading

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Applications have mysterious processes !!!

Even after these many years of software development, there are some applications that still bother user with a lot of processes and memory consumption. I am not surprised if such applications are from the novice software vendors, but the matured … Continue reading

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