This is in response to sad and anger provoking incidents happened in India. I pay tribute to all those heroes, who have fought and gave their lives for this country in rescuing many innocent lives in Mumbai. I would not want to talk more about this fearful incident, but want to remind everyone a small message.

“Please do not forget such incidents and move on. This kind of ill cultured and brutal behavior should be stopped. If not done or if we (YOU, ME and Others) relax thinking that nothing happened to me , a time will come when the same incident might happen to one of us or to our near or dear. And, that time we will just be in agony and nothing else. We all as part of the India and Indian community in different parts of the world, please spread this message across and let everyone know that we STRONGLY CONDEMN these brutal acts.”

Most of us has been thinking that, “As long as i am safe; i don’t care”. But PLEASE come out of these thoughts and be aware that we are all part of the same system and society. If we don’t bring out our frustration, thoughts, ideas and kill our fears and URGE a result oriented action and thought process, nothing is going to happen. We have seen so many riots, bomb blasts and still we are passive. We and Media would like to talk about it when the incident happens and after few months, “EVERY THING IS NORMAL”. People behave as though nothing has happened and we are living in a perfect world. A time comes for every one, when they loose their patience, let their ACTIONs speak with no fear. “YOU FEAR, YOU SUFFER”.

When i talk to few people recently, they dont even want to talk about it. Some people feel sad about this indicent and they dont want to talk and some dont care about it. The attitude is like, “I am in XYZ country; I dont care”. With all the due respect to your personal feelings, i would urge such people to come out of their coward clothes and behave as a responsible citizens. One need not be patriatic, to feel bad about these issues and raise a voice. It just takes a meaningful, sensible human being to condemn such things and “EXPRESS THAT WHAT HAPPENED IS REALLY BAD”.

This is the question of the “Terrorism” and WE CAN NOT FIGHT it, if we have so many differences among ourselves and “fear even to speak out”.  Do speak out about “WHAT YOU FEEL” and have a result oriented thought process. World needs to know what each and every one of us feel.

Finally, i salute to all the heroes of the attacks and my sincere condolences to all those families who have lost their near and dear. Being away from my country, i am trying to do what i can.


India pays tribute to its heroes

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