My EclipseCon 2009 submissions

Today i received one “acceptance” and one “declined” message from the EclipseCon 2009 selection committee. My short talk has been accepted and the tutorial has been declined. I was just hoping that if my tutorial got accepted, i would have definitely attended EclipseCon 2009. With this year’s economy and the way companies are responding to the future training needs, my chances of attending the EclipseCon 2009 have touched ground.

I will definitely have a peek into the EclipseCon 2009 presentations. If i can’t attend, i can at least view the content.

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  1. I liked the content of both your proposals.

    Perhaps if you’d pitched your tutorial better, it may have stood a higher chance of being accepted. For e.g., showcasing the best of what 3.5 provides in the RCP space.

    In any case, go ahead and create independent tutorials of RCP and publish it. This would lead to better brand building, and possible consulting opportunities.

    Best of luck

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