Eclipse Summit in Ludwigsburg starred with Modeling, eRCP,eSWT, Server Side Eclipse

I am sure every one, who is attending Eclipse Summit Europe, are excited. With the quality of the topics in the summit, i am looking forward to see community growth and a chance to share developers and organizations challenges in various symposiums.

Its really interesting to see the different areas like eSWT, eRCP and Device Software Development projects. I am sure that the embedded development tools have been growing on the Eclipse side with so many automotive companies and software vendors. Different companies have adopted Eclipse as platform to build the applications and tools for AUTOSARWindRiver, TNI-Software, Telelogic and TietoEnator are some of the companies in Europe that are heavily into offering the tools based on automobile industry needs.

I am very curious about the Eclipse Modeling Symposium from Markus Volter. I am hoping that a lot of companies would come forward to discuss their challenges in modeling.

The other area i am very keen on are the Device software development and i liked the challenges that the embedded software development poses. How cool it is that device software development which spans multiple industry verticals, including medical devices (blood-test machines, EKG’s), network equipment (routers, switches), consumer electronics (digital cameras, mobile phones), automotive applications (telematics, engine controllers), military applications (missiles, combat systems) and industrial devices (manufacturing robots, process automation).

The other interesting topics being the Ajax and SOA Tools platform and the Server-Side Symposium. This is a great opportunity for all the participants to know that Eclipse can also do Server side. This is still a gray area for many IT Developers and Managers.

In the end , it would be interesting and useful for everyone, if eclipse summit’s presentations and tutorials are out for the public use.

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  1. Ed Merks says:

    I hope to see you at the modeling symposium! It it’s as good as last year, it will be very interesting.

  2. Hi dude

    We didn’t had any post for along time from you.Hope you do write about the modeling symposium to be next held.

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