Top 10 technologies for 2008 from Gartner

I have been always interested to see the future predictions of technologies and how they shape up the technologists and business that adopt them. Gartner has released the top 10 technologies for 2008. Surprisingly there are no surprises.

2005, 2006 and 2007 have been quite busy years for the technologies like SOA, RIA, Web2.0, Virtualization, Social Networks Enterprise Wikis and recently Mashups. Everyone would have heard of these technologies one time or the other. Enterprises have started investing on the SOA implementation even though some of the IT managers does not know what they really mean. Never-the-less, all the emerging technologies have to get aligned to the SOA. 🙂 . You can see everyone talking about their technology invention getting aligned to the SOA.

I hope that we dont get carried away by the Gartner’s top 10 technologies in 2008…

  1. Green IT
  2. Unified Communications
  3. Business Process Modeling
  4. Metadata Management
  5. Virtualization 2.0
  6. Mashups & Composite Apps
  7. Web Platform  & WOA
  8. Fabric
  9. Real World Web
  10. Social Software

Whatever it is in the end it makes sense for the enterprises to effectively use these technologies and benefit from them. Many of the small (JackBe, Kapow, …) and big (Google, IBM, …) companies that are innovating these technologies do share this responsibility of supplying the green and clean technologies to enterprises.

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