Good Boss & Bad Boss (mindmap)

A quick mindmap on the good boss and bad boss. Do you guys feel the same too ? Please leave me your feedback if i missed something.


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  1. sukhanya says:

    1. ” Doesnt care how you get things done” actually means a person who doesn’t micro-manage. I think that’s a good boss sign but not a bad boss sign.
    I certainly would say Micromanagement should be under a bad boss category.

    2. Bad communication skills is also an attribute of a bad manager which is missing

    3. ‘Communicates what you need to know’ – is too broad. Sometimes it becomes ” communicates what the manager thinks you need to know”. I think open communication within the group which can easily fall under “Builds a culture team appreciates” covers that

    4. ‘Do as I say but dont do as I do it’ is also a bad manager trait. Some managers follow principles or practices which are highly forbidden for his team members to do. Ex. A remote manager who doesnt approve the team to WFH once in a while or doesnt allow team to make decisions even for trivial things. I do see two different traits in this explanation I started > Hypocrite and a control freak

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