Avatar Movie : My take on it…

I just watched the Avatar Movie this afternoon around 3.30pm show in Regal 3D-IMAX in Dublin/CA. Its almost 2 hours 40 min movie and well thought out hi-fi science fiction.

Nice aspects of Movie :

  • The graphics work is AWESOME! All the scenes in the movie looked very REAL.
  • I heard the complete Navi clan, especially Navi female (Neytiri) is completely computer generated. That is a complete brilliant work done by Technology/Graphics.
  • The Pandora’s hanging Mountains, Dragons, The Giant Tree, Mountain Banshee/Ikran, Rhinoceros like, Viperwolf, beautiful creatures in jungle are wonderful creatures that felt life like.

What could have been better :

  • The fight machines/Amplified Mobility Platform in the movie seems to be replica of Matrix Movie which we have seen in Xion.
  • The initial screen based computer and navigation seems to be borrowed from Minority Report/Matrix.
  • Some of the scenes like mountains and terrains are similar to Lord of The Rings/Harry Porter.
  • The “Unobtanium” metal –  the reason why humans are on Pandora does not seem to contain any importance. This is a little silly concept and did not gel well with the rest of screen play.
  • The first 30 minutes seems to be dragging and slow.

All in all, it is a disappointment for a James Cameron Movie. Perhaps the expectations are too high. What i saw was a combination of different movies and shortage of originality for the Avatar.


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