Save time with Pulse 2.1

Pulse has been of a great help for me personally to manage versions, plugins and to share profiles. It is a great sign of relief to many developers and also corporates as it eased the plugin configuration. I quickly checked with the new pulse release and its very interesting and matured a lot. Following are some interesting features that i noticed with Pulse 2.1

  • Seamless support (Select -> Add -> Done) for building a customized eclipse config
  • Features selection automatically prompts for the related software. This is especially useful when we want to customize the features getting added to the Eclipse Configuration.
  • Improved set of plugins support (Add-On Software -> Browse Categories)
  • Improved UI interactions and Response Time
  • And finally Pulse Freelance seems to be a nice value added feature for corporates. According to the features description, i understand that the organizations would be able to add their custom / specific plugins to the catalog, share the configuration with development groups or individuals and have a private update site.

Addition Plugin Categories

Related Plugins

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  1. I have been wondering why Eclipse is better than NetBeans. I have been using Eclipse for quite sometime. But i may have to use NetBeans in the future. Which IDE is mostly used in the Industry for Java.

    And regarding XML related technologies- I have learnt XPath and XSLT but not keeping in touch with them i tend to forget some important stuffs. So i wanted to ask u how XPath and XSLT and other XML related technologies are going to be mapped into industry- ie their applications. And which all XML Technologies are required as far as the industry is concerned.

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