Sad demise of my Laptop :(

I am having a bad time during my year end vacation. I have planned to visit my sister in New York and Harrisburg, PA.  I was all excited to go around Time Square, Empire-state Building, Central Park and the New Year bash. I was little more excited for this holidays as i am meeting my both sisters, my parents and its the new year’s party.

The moment we landed in New York, before even we could see the city, we lost my backpack. My backpack always contained the most valuable things in my life…… the laptop. This laptop contained all my research effort from past 3 years of time and all my personal photos. As one might expect, the laptop was a very very dear one for me. The backpack also contained my Canon camera, my wife’s purse, few of my important documents, etc… We were so stunned and disturbed about this occasion that it took 3 days for us to come out of this. We did complain to the Airport police and also made numerous calls to the airport. I lost it on December 20th and today is December 31st and i have not received any encouraging messages from them. Its a monetary loss of 2000$ and more of a sentimental value.

This incident definitely taught us few things, which we would never forget in our life.

  • Miracles do happen 🙂 We never ever expected that we will loose our backpack.
  • Things do happen. How ever careful you are, sometimes fate rules YOU.
  • Move On. Bad things do happen and its necessary to move on. You can build almost everything as long as you are alive.
  • Tomorrow is a New day. However bad or worse is today, tomorrow WILL be a better day. You need to believe in this. 

And yes…..i am moving on…… 

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