RCP, RAP and eRCP : Single Code Base and Three Runtimes

Running an Eclipse application on Desktop, Web and mobile platform seems to be an exciting and challenging task for many. With a clear and crisp APIs, Eclipse made this task practical and easier. Chris Aniszczyk has already posted an example of Tic-Tac-Toe on his blog.

Recently me and Trebor (another eclipse enthusiast) have done an exercise to get a sample application on top of these three (rcp, rap and ercp) run-times with the Ganymede release. In this three part tutorial we built a simple Personal Organizer application and ran it on RCP, RAP and eRCP.

First Part goes through the necessary steps to create the application and run it as the Rich Client Platform (RCP) application.


Second Part talks about the Rich Ajax Platform and how the existing code base of the sample RCP application can be adapted to run it on the RAP target.


Third Part talks about the Embedded RCP and how to adapt the existing RCP code base to be able to run it on the eRCP.


Hope these tutorials and insights will help a lot of developers to understand these platforms and know the possibilities. I will be happy to hear your experiences in making the single code base run on these three different platforms.

Till then Happy Eclipse-ing.

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  1. Cool, one runtime to rule them all.

    You saved me the time to write an article about this >:)

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