XML Processing with Oracle JDeveloper 11g : Book Review

Oracle XML Developer Kit (XDK) is a set of components, tools and utilities in Java which is available in Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server and on OTN that eases the task of building and deploying XML-enabled applications with a commercial redistribution license. XDK has several useful components such as XML Parsers, XSLT Processors, XSLT VM, XML Schema Processors, XML Java Beans, XML Class Generator, XML SQL Utility and XSQL Servlet.

Oracle JDeveloper provides a rich set of tools and utilities for the XML processing. JDeveloper includes the XDK and any developer can make use of its powerful features to develop any XML based applications. Processing XML Documents with Oracle JDeveloper is a great book and i would highly recommend for everyone working with XDK, and JDeveloper.

The author Deepak Vohra did a good job in describing the various steps for the XML Processing, XML Schema Validation, XPath Support, XML and XSLT Transformations. For more advanced users of XML, this book also talks about the topics such as Java XML Binding (JXB), API for comparing the documents, Converting XML to PDF, Converting XML to MS Excel, and finally storing the XML in Oracle Berkley DB XML.

This book provides a quick reference guide to any developer who starts their XDK development using JDeveloper. Author emphasized well enough about the small details that every developer should know in XML processing. Author gives a good introduction about all the technologies that he talks and mentions the APIs in detail. I really liked the part where the author givesĀ  a complete java source code (in almost each chapter) along with the comments to explain the purpose of the following code. This book did a good job in setting up the context for running the applications. Author describes the steps to setup the extra environment variables to bet set, jars to be added and how to navigate in JDeveloper. With this sort of detailing, any developer could just look at the book and will be able to start the development right away. Also, the publisher, Packt extracted chapter (Chapter 4: XPath) from the book and you can find it here: http://www.packtpub.com/files/processing-xml-documents-with-oracle-jdeveloper-11g-sample-chapter-4-xpath.pdf.

I would definitely recommend this book for the XML developers using XDK and JDeveloper.

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