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Tip 2 [Ecl2JDev] – Discover External Tools

A very useful feature in Eclipse is the ability to configure external tools. This enables us to configure ant scripts and others tools which otherwise are not part of the development environment. The real value is the ability to use … Continue reading

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Tip 1 [Ecl2JDev] – Play with Application Navigator

With my previous post (Top 10 JDeveloper Shortcuts), i started my blogging series on JDeveloper. Being worked on Eclipse for a long time makes me look for similar features in JDeveloper. In the process of understanding/discovering JDeveloper and Extensions, i am … Continue reading

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JDeveloper Top 10 Shortcuts

In 2007 i wrote a post on the Eclipse Top 10 Shortcuts. Recently, working on JDeveloper, i discovered similar shortcuts too. Of course, if you are living day-in and day-out on any Java IDE, it makes sense to know the short-cuts. … Continue reading

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XML Processing with Oracle JDeveloper 11g : Book Review

Oracle XML Developer Kit (XDK) is a set of components, tools and utilities in Java which is available in Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server and on OTN that eases the task of building and deploying XML-enabled applications with a commercial … Continue reading

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My JDeveloper Training

I have been undergoing the Oracle ADF and JDeveloper training for a future project. It was pretty hard for me to accept that i am undergoing this training considering my strong belief in eclipse-as-a-platform. I started the training by asking, … Continue reading

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Does Eclipse support Oracle’s ADF … ?

I am on a crossroad to decide on the IDE platform to be used for a specific application. Now i am with the company where we are discussing about Eclipse Vs JDeveloper :). Anyway the main decision point is the … Continue reading

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