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In 2007 i wrote a post on the Eclipse Top 10 Shortcuts. Recently, working on JDeveloper, i discovered similar shortcuts too. Of course, if you are living day-in and day-out on any Java IDE, it makes sense to know the short-cuts. This time, i want to post my JDeveloper Top 10 Shortcuts and also some other frequently used. If i miss anything, please add them on to the post’s comments.

Note : These shortcuts are based on the JEE Application development.

My Top 10 JDeveloper Shortcuts

  1. Find Usages Ctrl+Alt+U
  2. Go To Java Type Ctrl+Minus
  3. Go To File Ctrl+Alt+Minus
  4. Show Overview Ctrl+Shift+ Back Quote
  5. Extract Method Ctrl+Alt+X
  6. Introduce Variable Ctrl+Alt+V
  7. Run Project F11
  8. Debug Project Shift+F9
  9. Quick JavaDoc Ctrl+D
  10. Reformat Ctrl+Alt+L

Find Usages (Ctrl+Alt+U) : This is pretty much the shortcut i use all the time. This helps you to find the uses of a method or class in the project or application.

Go To Java Type (Ctrl+Minus) : Coming from Eclipse, this is one short cut that i cant live without. This is one short cut that is used the most for me.
Go To File (Ctrl+Alt+Minus) : Very useful for searching the various resources other than Java files.
Show Overview (Ctrl+Shift+ Back Quote) : Especially when the Java source file is very large. This view is very useful to inspect and quickly navigate. The interesting part i loved in JDeveloper is this option to show the structure from the Inherited Classes too. Its so helpful.
Extract Method (Ctrl+Alt+X) : Select few lines of code that is reusable as a method.
Introduce Variable (Ctrl+Alt+V) : Often i start out with inline statement and later on decide to reuse.
Run Project (F11) and Debug Project (Shift+F9) : These may not seed any explanation why we need these shortcuts.
Quick JavaDoc (Ctrl+D) : Eclipse shows the help on Hover of a Java element. In JDeveloper, this short cut helps very handy to understand your own and other’s code.
Reformat (Ctrl+Alt+L) : After few lines of coding or after few methods, the code gets cluttered and this helps to format the code and feel good 😉
Other Shortcuts that i use very often (less frequently as my Top 10 shortcuts)

  • Search
  • Code Highlight Ctrl+Alt+H
  • Clear Code Highlight Ctrl+Alt+K
  • Auto Code Highlight (this makes the code always highlighted)
  • View
  • Structure Ctrl+Shift+S
  • Property Inspector Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Component Palette Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Break Point Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Miscellaneous
  • Copy Path Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Go To Line Ctrl+G
  • Go To Window Ctrl+F6
  • Go To File Ctrl+Alt+Minus
  • Build
  • Make Project Ctrl+F9
  • Rebuild Project Alt+F9
  • Run
  • Resume F9
  • Step Over F8
  • Step Into F7
  • Step Out Shift+F7
  • Java Editing
  • Organize Imports Ctrl+Alt+O
  • Select in Navigator Alt+Home

If you have other interesting shortcuts that missed out, please add it in your comments.

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  4. Ravi says:

    Nice post Krishna. Another useful shortcut I personally use a lot: “Ctrl+Shift+F” for finding content inside files (equivalent to Ctrl+H of eclipse)

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  8. Purse Party says:

    I don’t think I have seen this depicted that way before. You really have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you!

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  10. Israel says:

    Hello there!

    Your Top 10 helped me a lot!
    You could add the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Z: Surround With… > /* */
    I think it’s the easiest way to add a Block Comment in the code 🙂

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