Does Eclipse support Oracle’s ADF … ?

I am on a crossroad to decide on the IDE platform to be used for a specific application. Now i am with the company where we are discussing about Eclipse Vs JDeveloper :). Anyway the main decision point is the fact whether eclipse supports ADF or not. We have an existing application in eclipse but in future we have to move the application on to ADF. As many would know JDeveloper does have integrated ADF support and right now its not clear if Oracle releases a plugin for Eclipse.

If anyone in the Eclipse or JDeveloper community has done the analysis of both the ides, please do share your experiences. Till now i used to do the comparison between Eclipse and Net Beans but i never imagined that i need to do a comparison against JDeveloper.

“May the sanity be with everyone”.

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  1. shay says:

    While you can build ADF applications with Eclipse see –
    The development experience would be totally different.

    What JDeveloper gives you is a visual and declarative way to work with the ADF framework – most of the wizards/visual editors won’t be there in Eclipse.

    It is also important to have a distinction between the various parts of ADF. If you are just talking about the ADF Faces JSF components then you can use them in Eclipse.
    The parts that are a bit trickier are the ADF Binding layer and ADF Business Components (although you can use EJB/JPA instead of ADF BC).

  2. Thanks for the reply. I would appreciate if you have idea on any of the following points….
    #1 Any time line on the eclipse plugin from Oracle. I heard that oracle is planning to release one to eclipse.
    #2 Do you have any top of the mind differences bt Eclipse and JDeveloper ? on the Architectural level and user experience level

    I have been an eclipse lead developer for almost 5 years, i want to see it from a fresh mind. Appreciate your help.

  3. HARDIK says:

    I really wait for the eclipse ADF Plugin
    if not come then i am ready to work with more written way and use
    of eclispe +ADF implementation
    but i dont want to leave eclipse and ADF also

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  5. mssmotorrd says:

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  6. John Rambo says:


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