Are we not supporting WTP-all-in-one downloads ?

WTP project comes with lot of added frameworks and tools for any EE and Web developer. When i tried to download the latest maintenance build, there is no option of the all-in-one package instead there are bunch of other plugins required along with WTP [Eclipse Platform (Platform, JDT), Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF, XSD InfoSet, SDO), Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), Data Tools Platform (DTP) (required only for EJB or JPT development), Eclipse Test Framework (required only for Automated JUnit tests), Eclipse releng tool (required only for committers to more easily “release” code to a build), Third Parthy code from Orbit (currently much more than needed for WTP, but some committers like having the whole heap in their target)].

And now the problem for an end user(probably an IT developer/developer) is that, he has to download and struggle with the versions and other incompatibilities. I especially loved the idea of distributing all-in-one so that any user can simply download and use it right away. If at all eclipse WTP project is thinking to discontinue, i would sincerely request not to do so. It really saves a lot of time and frustration for the developers. I guess some users do have options like myeclipse and pluse, but i would love to see these bundling concept from eclipse itself.

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  1. Wayne Beaton says:

    Try downloading the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Development nightly builds from EPP.

  2. Sometimes it is hard to be an early adopter!

    I opened this bug some time ago, but hadn’t much success:

    169723: Provide all-in-one packs for milestone builds

    IMHO, making an extra build doesn’t hurt if you have the infrastructure to that.

    Wayne: how long is the delay between an WTP milestone release and the corresponding Ganymede milestone? How often are the individual projects updated into the Ganymede nightly build?

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