Eclipse Shortcuts

Its been a long time i have updated my knowledge on eclipse shortcuts. I have compiled default shortcuts from eclipse 3.3 and i am planning to release one for eclipse 3.4 very soon. There is a significant change from eclipse 3.2 to eclipse 3.3 and eclipse 3.4 that the preference pages for shortcuts. There was a possibility to export entire shortcuts to a csv file and use it. Unfortunately there is no export feature in eclipse 3.3 and 3.4.

For all the good old eclipse developers, i am providing a shortcut document as pdf. Eclipse Shortcuts

Enjoy your eclipse.

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  1. Joe says:

    Saw your shortcuts. There is some sort of problem with the date, as the dates for each page are 12/21/2008, 22/21/2008, 32/21/2008. Seems like a template or formula is not quite right.

  2. Régis says:

    I think this kind of cheat sheet can be very useful. But you should not mention very common shortcuts (like copy/paste for instance)

  3. fandez says:

    Great advice!! thanks
    greetings from Spain

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