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Oracle + Java = Harmony

Everyone in the silicon valley is talking about it. Someone is excited more over others. However, this is not a shock or surprise to anyone. Sooner or the later this has to happen. Oracle has been VERY STRONG player in … Continue reading

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Beware of writing regex and string functions

Recently i was involved in an issue took a week to come to know the root cause. In the end its an eye opener to many who does not give importance to string functions and regex. “Regular expressions and String … Continue reading

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Java XML Libraries – Quick Reference

Reader Level : Basic Recently i have been involved in a project that uses heavy XML which game me opportunity to look into many Java and XML related technologies/libraries/parsers. I tried to share some of interesting libraries that i dealt … Continue reading

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JDOM Quick Reference

JDOM: [www.jdom.org] JDOM is a full featured Java API for the SAX and DOM accessing. Collections are used heavily for the results and queries to make Java programmer life easier. The SAX and DOM parsers would be the underlaying default … Continue reading

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UI Designers dilemma !!!

Eclipse Visual Editor, NetBeans Matisse project and Instantiations SWT Designer are wonderful WYSIWYG editors that i have used till now. With few projects that i have done, i have always hand coded the UI’s. And of course i have done … Continue reading

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Application Performance : Part II

I have been dealing with many of the java applications for years and in the recent past i am finding all the areas that effect the performance. I have been reading lot of books and articles and i thought that … Continue reading

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Do you care about Garbage Collection ?

Recently there have been few instances our RCP application crashed with the OutOfMemory exception and it took lot of time to look reasons behind the crash. An easy solution is to increase the PermGen from 64mb (default) to 256mb (recommended). … Continue reading

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Persist your EMF Objects with Teneo

JMatter, NakedObjects and EMF are few technologies that i have been interested recently. That fact that all these technologies allows to create the model, generate the code for UI and finally persist the UI State in Object Reational Databases, makes … Continue reading

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java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

Looks like this is been a common error for almost memory intensive applications now-a-days. I have been working on eclipse for a long time and recently with the Eclipse + Java 1.5.0_04 + EMF + WTP combimation of installation, i … Continue reading

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