EclipseCon 2008 – I loved it.

EclipseCon needs no introduction. Its been happening from past 4 years and each year it has a lot of interesting news and updates. I was very excited to meet my ex-colleagues from Germany. Its been refreshing for me to talk to these guys [Peter Kirschner (Robert Bosch, Germany), Stephan Eberle (Geensys, France), Frank Gerhardt (Gerhardt Informatics, Germany)] after a long time. I got to meet Jens Eckles from Pulse, looks like they released a new version, i need to check it out. Its one of good products i like for eclipse users. After a long time i got to meet Ralph Mueller from Eclipse foundation and also Ed Merks from EMF project.

This time there are very good sessions about the OSGi, Equinox, RAP, Mylyn, EclipseLink and Jazz. I am personally very impressed with Jazz. I attended the Jazz workshop and looked like a perfect fit for many of the sw engineering problems. I immediately registered and would want to try this out in the next few months. When i was working with Robert Bosch, we were trying to solve similar problems Jazz is trying to solve.

(I heard that GM and Ford are doing some nice and cool things with Eclipse. Hummmm…. i think i am missing this action.)

I had great time presenting my sessions and the audience response was great.

I had lot of fun all these 4 days. From tomorrow the reality comes,  need to go to Office 🙂

Anyway, i had lot of great things to take back from EclipseCon 2008. Hoping to see all of you in the next year with some more great stuff.

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